Hello + Welcome!

My name is Grace Chee, and I am a Nashville-based lover of food, wellness and community. I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach specializing in intuitive cooking, gentle nutrition and food freedom. I help individuals feel healthy, confident and at home in their bodies by ditching limiting beliefs and nourishing their body in intuitive ways–not by restricting.

During the day, I work full-time in higher education and am also part of TRILUNA , a Nashville-based experiential wellness company dedicated to creating programs, events, and curriculum that transform from the inside out. You can also find me practicing yoga, enjoying a good self-help or fantasy novel, or catching up on the latest episode (or just re-watching every episode) of the Great British Baking Show on Netflix.

Where does the name Sangha of Grace come from?

Sangha means “beloved community”

Sangha of Grace is essentially a space where a loving community or Sangha can abound. From sharing healthy recipes to blogging about life, spirituality and perhaps even vlogging!, I hope to be a light to all and a reminder that living with grace, the gratitude of being present and aware, is possible. As a visitor here, you are part of this Sangha. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and interacting with myself and others who are a part as well. 



My Story

My journey in becoming a holistic health coach arose out of necessity. As a young girl, I developed an unhealthy relationship with food which arose from negative feelings about my body and self-worth. I found myself a slave to eating “clean” and developed restrictive eating habits that persisted for years. Poor diet, constant dieting and not knowing what was indeed healthy for me led to poor gut health. For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with IBS and even thought running to the bathroom after every meal was normal! As a self-proclaimed foodie, trying to balance my love for food with my body image and gut issues gave me a lot of anxiety around food and eating.

In college and in graduate school, I found comfort in fitness and strength-training which soon took over my life. While I was aesthetically the fittest I had ever been, my attitude towards food and my gut issues persisted. And, in fact, I had replaced my obsession with eating “clean” with constant exercise. This mentality continued until my mid-20s, when the chronic inflammation of my gut finally manifested into symptoms I could no longer ignore.

Two years ago, I found myself in a high-stress and low-paying job with no opportunity for mobility. My self-esteem and self-efficacy was at a low due to unhealthy boundaries. The stress I experienced manifested into late-night cravings, weight gain, brain fog, turning to a glass of wine or more most nights, and feelings of cynicism. Chronic stress also built up inflammation in my body and brought my then-unidentified gluten sensitivity to light resulting in hives and eczema on my back and face and severe GI distress, even fainting. I felt SO out of balance and SO unhealthy. I wanted to do more but lacked the energy, time, and resources to do them because I was even more stressed about the health issues I was experiencing. For almost a year, I visited doctors and dermatologists to determine what the cause was. No one thought to review my symptoms holistically. The dermatologist prescribed steroid creams for the face and antibiotics labeling my rash as “eczema.” The doctor simply found my vertigo “puzzling” and “inconclusive.”

In my last desperate attempt for a solution, I decided to complete a elimination diet to see whether food was the culprit of both my gut and skin issues. Only halfway through the program, the rash on my face miraculously disappeared and the constant bloating and discomfort I felt reduced significantly! I quickly discovered that I had a gluten-sensitivity and made lasting changes in my diet and in my lifestyle. Since cutting out gluten (mostly) from my diet, the rash and the bloating have disappeared. The frequency of vertigo has also drastically reduced.

I know firsthand how INCREDIBLY important food is to our overall health. Not all foods are created equal, and when factoring in poor gut health and chronic stress, a poor diet can have exponentially harmful effects on our body, our mental health and our overall well-being. Furthermore, I believe we can use our body’s innate intuition to heal and nourish our bodies and that dieting and restricting have no place in healthy and sustainable wellness (ditch #dietculture)

  • I am passionate about the healing properties of food and proper strategies for self-care.
  • I believe in the fundamental role our gut plays in not just our digestion, but our mood and our ability to ward off disease.
  • I believe learning to eat and cook intuitively allows us to practice our health authentically.
  • I believe that our health is always a 𝙅𝙊𝙐𝙍𝙉𝙀𝙔–a feeling that may ebb and flow depending on our needs and circumstances. Our health is also a 𝙏𝙊𝙊𝙇 that allows us to experience the other parts of our life with more energy, enthusiasm and purpose.
  • But perhaps more importantly, I believe that a balanced approach to eating healthily and still LIVING life happily is possible.

This is why I support individuals who seek to create more balance in their life through developing their intuition and authenticity.

This is why I support individuals who seek to create more balance in their life, starting by prioritizing their own mental and physical health so that they have the energy and ability to optimize the rest of their life.